Chromite Rectangle Shower Arm 15 Inch 20 Ghz

Chromite Rectangle Shower Arm 15 Inch 20 Ghz

Product Code:HQ-SWR-ARM-RCTNGL-15-IN-20-GHZ-304-GRD
  • ₹349.00/-

  • Ex Tax: ₹349.00/-

This Shower Arm is an exquisitely designed that is well crafted with stainless steel that enhances its outstanding look and pattern. This shower arm has an easy operation that brings out the best in your interiors. It also has a sleek yet classy design and is suitable & used for bathroom shower. It’s high quality arm with 304 grades. Chromite is standing alone to fulfil all sanitary products at every corner of earth.





·         Material:  Stainless Steel

·         Shape: Rectangle

·         Grade:  304

·         Ghz: 20

·         Size: 15 Inch

·         Sales Package:  Shower Arm

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